Hello there, I’m Sammy Jenkins and I’m a Journalism graduate from the University of South Wales in Cardiff! A first-language Welsh, self-confessed music junkie, I guess I’ve always found solace in the written word; whether that being writing about the band I saw the other night, writing news pieces and scripts or writing about the everyday frustrations of being a human. I just absolutely love to write!

Therefore when I had to decide what to study at university, I wanted to do something that was fulfilling; more importantly, something that allowed me to sit and stare at a computer screen with an iced vanilla latte in hand, ranting and raving about something I was passionate about. That’s where Journalism fitted in.

In the last few crazy years at university, I’ve never been more sure of what career I want to throw myself into. Being able to write myself into a coma, being able to create content that people can relate and aspire to (whether that being radio, TV, print or online!) and most importantly; earning a living from something that doesn’t even feel like a job, for me, being a journalist is a no brainer really.

So seen as the ‘let’s get drunk on a weekday/student loan handout’ chapter of my life is over, I’ve decided to use my time effectively: ‘Holla blog!’

In this blog you’ll find snippets of my adventures as a journalist (and an adult!), my scraps and scrawls of anything I find interesting, my experiences, my moans of pretty much anything that grates me in the news or (otherwise!) and pretty much anything else I gather on my way.

My life journey has already been a crazy one, join this crazy adventure with me.

Feel free to contact me via email on sammy-jenkinsss@hotmail.co.uk or my LinkedIn account.

See all my life accomplishments here. (I kid, but here’s my CV if you want to have a sneak peak!)