Get yourself out of the post-graduate life hangover…

SO I’ve been a bit quiet on here recently which is a bit weird because I am never ever quiet! but hey, I’ve been a bit of a busy girl!

A couple of months ago, you heard how hard graduate life is. How you’re bombarded with emails of ‘you’re over qualified soz’ or ‘sorry you don’t have enough experience for this position’, and you feel incredibly stuck. You feel like you’ve cried, eaten and read your life away at uni just to be met with big fat nothing at the end of it.  Continue reading

Keeping your head above the waves

By Sammy Jenkins


There is a silent illness amongst the thought waves of our young, our old, our women, our men and our children. There is a silent killer amongst the streets of our cities, our parks, our villages and behind the closed doors of our neighbours. It is suicide and it is silent because we don’t talk about it. Suicide is hitting men under the age of forty-five the hardest here in the UK.

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Sadness, content, understanding…but most of all speaking out.

So I guess I’ve been in auto-pilot for the last couple of weeks, trying to figure out:

  1. What I actually want to do with my life
  2. Why I’ve decided to put myself through the pain of dissertation writing and creating a documentary that really hits home for me.

When deciding what I wanted to base my short TV documentary on, there was only ever one choice for me.

Losing someone is the worst feeling in the entire world, losing someone to suicide is just a completely different type of grief. Talking about my fathers death has always been something I shied away from in regular conversations (unless you get a couple of drinks down me or chuck a pen and paper in-front of me. In this case chuck me a keyboard and computer screen and I become the ultimate keyboard warrior). Continue reading

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Reading Festival

Whether you’ve never found yourself embarking on the annual mecca to Reading Fest or that you drunk a bit too much at last year’s so you’ve forgotten what necessities to take, here’s my guide to survival at Reading.601090_554727457894355_1465431230_n

(If you’re anything like my little sister, I must inform you that Reading Festival is in-fact in Reading and no it’s not a book festival. If you think that I’m currently wasting your time.)

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