Keeping your head above the waves (Revisited)

By Sammy Jenkins

There is a silent killer in the midst of our streets, our schools, our workplaces and behind the closed doors of our neighbourly counterparts. Its silence lies in the fact that people don’t talk about it. It is not cancer or heart disease. It is suicide and it’s the biggest killer in men under the age of forty-five in the UK. Continue reading “Keeping your head above the waves (Revisited)”

Chapter Closed.

SO you wouldn’t believe it if you tried, but I am officially a graduate!


I guess you’ve all heard how the last five years have shaped, killed, tested and motivated me more than ever; yesterday marked the end of an era.

Yesterday marked the end of my student journey, end of my student loan handouts and most importantly the end of me feeling like my life had run off course.

Yesterday was such a special day for me; one that I could never have imagined in more ways than one.  Continue reading “Chapter Closed.”

Goodbye university… Next step graduation day!

There is nothing more rewarding than getting to your end destination; especially when the journey has been more than a rocky one.

Five years ago (yes it’s taken me half a bloody decade!) I decided that I was going to study journalism and that I was going to someday get my first class honours, move to good ole London Town and someday present the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show. If only things were so easy. Continue reading “Goodbye university… Next step graduation day!”

Keeping your head above the waves

By Sammy Jenkins


There is a silent illness amongst the thought waves of our young, our old, our women, our men and our children. There is a silent killer amongst the streets of our cities, our parks, our villages and behind the closed doors of our neighbours. It is suicide and it is silent because we don’t talk about it. Suicide is hitting men under the age of forty-five the hardest here in the UK.

Continue reading “Keeping your head above the waves”

Radio Documentary: Suicide; Stigma & Support

So for the last few months I’ve been working on my major project; one of the most rewarding but emotionally draining experience of my entire life.

Here’s a little radio documentary I made involving The Samaritans and mental health nurse Nicola Merralls, covering topics of support available and the stigma surrounding suicide.

Music by Ben Sound.






Preparing to fail & believing to achieve

So I’ve been feeling really down recently.

  1. Because of all these deadlines coming out of my eyeballs
  2. Because I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in over a month
  3. Because I’m scared of what comes next after graduation
  4. Because I really want to prove all those buggers that didn’t have faith in me wrong

So with today marking the first day of my last ever term of university, I can’t help but completely shit myself when thinking of what happens next. Continue reading “Preparing to fail & believing to achieve”

Sadness, content, understanding…but most of all speaking out.

So I guess I’ve been in auto-pilot for the last couple of weeks, trying to figure out:

  1. What I actually want to do with my life
  2. Why I’ve decided to put myself through the pain of dissertation writing and creating a documentary that really hits home for me.

When deciding what I wanted to base my short TV documentary on, there was only ever one choice for me.

Losing someone is the worst feeling in the entire world, losing someone to suicide is just a completely different type of grief. Talking about my fathers death has always been something I shied away from in regular conversations (unless you get a couple of drinks down me or chuck a pen and paper in-front of me. In this case chuck me a keyboard and computer screen and I become the ultimate keyboard warrior). Continue reading “Sadness, content, understanding…but most of all speaking out.”